February 21, 2023 Kettering School Board Meeting CRT and Gender Identity

9 months ago

Parents express their concerns to the Kettering School board regarding a recent report by Accuracy in Media (AIM). Kettering Supervisor of Student Services, Rick Earley, was recorded voicing intent to surreptitiously implement Critical Race Theory (CRT) and to withhold student information regarding gender identity issues from parents. Link to AIM report: https://www.aim.org/aim-investigates/crtdayton/

The school board provided a public statement prepared ahead of time. The statement stated that Accuracy In Media (AIM) had taken Rick Earley comments out of context. Stated that the school district does not teach CRT and Stated that the school will follow Title IX guidelines allowing boys to use girls’ bathrooms and girls to use boys’ bathrooms if they identify as transgender. The statement stated that the school must follow the law. Note that recent Title IX changes that add LGBTQ protections were recently added by the Biden administration and are not considered law and have been blocked from enforcement by the Ohio Attorney General. https://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Media/News-Releases/July-2022/AG-Yost-Sues-Biden-Administration-for-Threatening

Notes from recording:
- Transgender
- Privacy of all students
- Title 9 of 1972
- Equal Protecton laws of the US constitution
- US Department of Education laws for civil rights enforcement
- Duty Bound to follow
- Can not descrimininate based on sex which includes sexual
- When we have a student or parent that request acomidatin
regarding a students gender identity, the objective is to
develop a support plan between the student, the parent or
guardian and the school.

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