How to Photograph an Anvil (Let's share)

In this video, I'm asking for our listeners/members to collectively pool
our info. Please submit photos of any/all anvils to me for processing.
My overall goal is to share the results of the database. If we know the
identification of all of the various anvils - we know who made the cups in
which they belong. It has been proven that better sorting will improve
our success rate.

Don't stress over the photo(s) too much - just submit what you can.

I need:
Front view
Top View
Bottom View
Other oblique views would also be appreciated (but not required).
Please shoot the photos at 90 degrees (or as close to 90 as possible)
Please zoom in as close as possible while maintaining focus.
Use a white background will be most helpful
Taking notes and include these notes in the photos will help
me know what I am sketching/less confusion.

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