Just Be~Spiritual BOOM: w/Visionaries Pia & Cullen: Fluid Time/False Flags/Fear v Love/❤️ Relations

1 year ago

Ep 55. For a second time (first time see Ep 41), international divine light workers and speakers Pia Smith Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith both PhDs bring their decades of visionary consciousness as well as their knowledge and experience with the Pleiadians via Laarkmaa. They will continue to be regular guests as they are the real deal.

We discuss current time fluidity, the Ohio train crash, UFO sightings, earthquakes, nature evolving, how they met (as this was recorded V-Day Feb 14, 2023) as well as love relationships, and we end with a Just Be Pratice with a heart meditation from Laarkmaa that was created with a live audience in 2012. Not only did they give me permission to use it, they state that this was probably the most impactful thing they have ever created.

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