Career Planning: Effective Pruning Bears Fruit: Manager Development

Watch a replay of the third webinar in Humaculture, Inc.’s “People Development: A Humaculture® Perspective Series” to learn how to conduct Career Planning to support manager development, and why “Effective Pruning Bears Fruit” by building manager capabilities.

Steve Cyboran, ASA, MAAA, FCA, CEBS, actuary and strategy consultant
Wes Rogers, Humaculturist® and strategy consultant
Christi Green, RN, MS, PHR, strategy and people consultant

• Organizations fall into the “star” employee syndrome
• Organizations don't think from a people development perspective
• Culture of Control creates a toxic environment
• For effective manager development organizations must:
- Promote intentionally to fulfill vision, mission, values
- Effectively identify manager qualities/potential
- Develop and deploy learning and growth opportunities
- Shift from Culture of Control to Culture of Growth
- Prepare for appropriate transitions

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