3 US Law Enforcement Agencies Activated Against Fauci, Daszak, Baric, & Justin Trudeau

9 months ago

Ann Vandersteel reports that Dr David Martin has been working with 3 US Law enforcement agencies at this time to bring INDICTMENTS against Ralph Baric, Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak and that WEF sock-puppet up north Justin Trudeau.

The patents prove they already had the "CV19 Vaxxines" all ready to go BEFORE the covid virus was known as it was BIOPWEAPONS they injected into billions of arms and the estimations they are getting now is that 14 million people world wide are now dead from the deadly BIOWEAPON. From the beginning this INJECTION was meant to hurt and kill humanity. These people in the US and Justin Trudeau are indicted for mass murder and global terrorism. Totally against the Nuremburg code and forcing people to take it.

Pascal then divulges that he has heard & knows from someone competent and with authority that the W.H.O CHARTER is legally DISQUALIFIED. Countries are waking up to the WORLD HOMICIDE ORGANIZATION (W.H.O) and all the carnage they have already done and they are NOT signing up and now W.H.O is pushing the rare MARBURG VIRUS as a threat.

Source: KONKRET - News Criminal Procedure vs. Swiss President Alain Berset

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