A John Adams Letter That Underscores the Need for a Cultural Christian Consensus

1 year ago

In mid-February of 2023, Satanists reserved the 2nd floor of the Idaho capitol so they could say incantations to secure transgender rights. Only 12 - 15 Satanists showed up. But outside on the capitol steps, 170 Christians gathered to pray and sing praise to God, while on the 3rd floor above the Satanists, 50 more Christians prayed. They prayed to bless those on the 2nd floor.

It was a powerful and peaceful event. No yelling. No confrontations. And the Spirit of the Lord reigned.

Keep the Republic host Daniel Bobinski built on the event and took the opportunity to discuss the Christian foundations of America. Joining him on the show is Shane Klaas of Shane Talks Politics. Together, they analyzed a letter written in the fall of 1798 by John Adams -- then the sitting President -- to the Generals of the Massachusetts militia. In the letter, Adams calls attention to the chaos occurring in Europe at the time -- and that America stopped walking the Christian walk and only talked the talk, then the country would become horrible to live in.

Looking around America today, we can see that Adams was correct.

Adams made it clear: Our Constitution was created only for a moral and religious people, and it is wholly unsuitable for governing people who are not moral nor religious.

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