Patrick Colbeck Presents Evidence of Election Fraud in Michigan and the US

1 year ago

Some look at election integrity and the 2020 election like a sore thumb; if you keep whacking it, it’s going to keep hurting. However, the real problem is that we can’t get beyond this until it’s fixed. Otherwise, our thumb keeps getting whacked, causing more damage to the “thumb” and the rest of the body as well! In viewing the 2022 midterms, we see that Maricopa County is a prime example of this. Something MUST be done, but what?

Former NASA scientist and senator, Patrick Colbeck, has been using his gift of technology, his strong mind, and his love for our United States of America to tirelessly and thanklessly investigate the lack of election integrity and election fraud since day one of the 2020 elections. He’s also been looking into the 2022 midterms as well. Why bother? Because elections, even stolen ones, have consequences. As a Christian, Patrick cares about truth and about our nation and our freedom

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