What Cannabis Does to People

The good, the bad, and the bizarre! Private smoke sessions, historic events, run-ins with the cops, this 15 minute video has it all. This is what cannabis REALLY does to people!

Please enjoy this eclectic collection of cannabis-inspired moments, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Vancouver activism scene, the free ("black") market, bloopers, and other unique footage I obtained during my cannabis activism in Vancouver B.C. (2011-2019).

Cannabis legalization in Canada was a lie - just a corporate and government takeover of the market and culture. In 2023, peaceful growers, sellers, and users are still being charged and imprisoned because they're not part of the regime of rich connected insiders. That's why we won't stop until we see the end of cannabis prohibition.

Another lie was prohibition itself, and the justifications given for it. Like cannabis makes people crazy, dangerous, antisocial, unpredictable, stupid, lazy, incompetent, and unhealthy. My research - and experiences - tell me otherwise!

Watch these clips, and tell me what you think! All footage and editing by DRutter.

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