Fleeing Drug Dealer Tosses Cocaine Parcel And Tackles Officer

1 year ago

This is the moment a cocaine-carrying suspect attacks police officers after ditching the drugs and attempting to escape.

He was reportedly carrying a package of cocaine worth GBP 12,300 then he threw onto a roof as he fled.

Officers from the Neighbourhood Support Team were on routine patrol in the Lincoln Road area of Millfield when they came across a red Audi A3 causing an obstruction, on the 2nd September, 2021.

But body-worn footage of the incident that was obtained by Newsflash was just released by the Cambridgeshire Police on 15th February, 2023.

It reportedly began as one officer was speaking to Soran Abdullah, 34, who had parked his car on double yellow lines and obstructing traffic.

As the two talked, the officer reportedly noticed what seemed to cling film wraps of narcotics in the footwell.

That was when the passenger, Shaxawan Beker, 26, rushed towards Lincoln Road and was pursued by another officer.

The officer yelled out at Beker, asking him to stop running and informed him he had a Taser.

Beker was spotted throwing a package, subsequently proven to contain up to GBR 12,300 of cocaine, into the front lawn of a neighbouring house before the police apprehended him.

The Cambridgeshire Police said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: "The pair struggled with each other and despite the officer using his Pava – an incapacitant spray – Beker repeatedly punched the officer in the face and attempted to grab hold of his Taser but was unsuccessful so grabbed the Pava and sprayed it directly in the officer’s eyes."

Other officers arrived to apprehend Beker and assist the police officer who had been attacked by him, as well as to collect the item he had thrown nearby.

Beker, of Essendyke, Bretton, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison after previously admitting possession with intent to supply cocaine, assault with intent to resist arrest, possession of an offensive weapon (the officer's CS spray), and possession of cannabis at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday, 10th February, 2023.

Abdullah, of Robert Rayner Close, Orton Longueville, was given a two-year conditional discharge and had to pay GBR 1,000 in costs after admitting to two offences of cocaine possession and obtaining illicit property, particularly a significant amount of cigarettes on which tax had not been paid.

Detective Constable Gordon Logan, who investigated, said: “Beker knew he was in trouble as he had a substantial amount of class A drugs on him, and it was clear he wanted to do anything he could to avoid arrest.

“Thankfully, the officer did not sustain any serious injuries, however, this was an incredibly frightening incident.

“As police officers, we accept there is an increased level of risk each day we come into work – it is our duty to protect the public from people like Beker.

"However, it is not acceptable to be assaulted in the line of duty.

“The incident drew a large crowd and while many people stood and filmed, there were a few people who came to the officers’ aid and helped – I would like to thank those people for the compassion they showed and assistance.”

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