WEF Economist: It’s Our Moral Duty To Force Seniors Into Suicide Pods

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1 year ago

There are far too many useless people in the world according to Dr. Yusuke Narita, a 37-year old professor of economics at Yale, whose solution to the so-called problem is forced “mass suicide” of the elderly.

Speaking about forced euthanasia of the elderly to depopulate the world, Dr. Narita said if seniors don’t take a hint and step into suicide pods provided by the elite of their own accord, the “possibility of making it mandatory in the future [will] come up in discussion.”

The Yale professor is a World Ecoomics Forum contributor and is known in Asia as the “Japanese Yuval Noah Harrari.” When he is not teaching at the prestigious Ivy League school in New Haven, Connecticut, Dr. Narita spends his time appearing on TV and promoting the WEF ideology on behalf of his master Klaus Schwab.

Last year, when asked by a school-age boy to elaborate on his alarming mass suicide theories, Dr. Narita graphically described to the young students a scene from “Midsommar,” a 2019 Hollywood horror film in which a Swedish cult forces one of its elderly members to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff.

According to Dr. Narita, the young generation have a duty to “work hard toward creating a society like that.”

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