World Government Summit Panel Discusses the 'Shock' Needed for the World Order Transformation

1 year ago

At The World Government Summit 2023 panel discussion, Professor Arturo Bris from the IMD World Competitiveness Center, argued that a "shock" was needed for the transformation to the New World Order.

It's all part of the plan for complete control over the common man. How wicked.

Dr. Arturo Bris: How is this transition going to happen? I totally agree that the world order, the way it is built today, doesn't make any sense. That is not in line with the economic powers like India, Brazil or Germany. They don't have a massive role in the international order. But to me, the big question is how we are going to go through this transformation. It cannot be gradual. It has to be, has to be, driven by a part, by a certain shock that will happen. So now we will reconsider this entire no.

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