Multiple Bills In GA Legislation for Sports Betting - CASINOS and HORSE TRACKS

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1 year ago

House republicans reignite war over COVID origin and demand info from Fauci other officials as they probe whether the virus started in Wuhan lab. The reason they want you to look in the sky for the spy balloons and the war in Ukraine so you won’t look at what they did to us.

In GA they want to legalize sports betting and the internet. HB380 (48pgs) is the compromise that takes out horse racing and focuses on sports betting. All the bills are ready and take effect in July this year. Maybe the polling says that Georgians won’t vote for it so they are not putting it on the ballot. GA lawmaker files metro chamber-backed sports betting bill.

HB380 Georgia lottery Game of Sports Betting Act - the manipulation is that it is part of the lottery. SB 57 is the Sports Betting Integrity Act - the manipulation is that it is already happening we are just going to regulate it. The sponsors of HB380: Wiedower, Chuck Martin, Stacey Evans, Lauren McDonald (Governors Floor Leader), Al Williams (when you need bipartisan bill), Ron Stephens (can’t wait to bring that casino in Savannah)

HB380 is going to have a lot of duplication from SB57. creating agencies. It is not sports betting. It is a lie. It was said that betting is happening and we are losing money and need to regulate it. Then it was going to go on the ballot.

They are going to try to tell you that it is sports betting. They claim they have found a way to pass this through the GA lottery. They claim the GA lottery already opened the door and it can just be signed by the Gov and go in effect in GA. Now if you are just going to do sports betting why do you need to create a commission? In these bills, they call on the governor to appoint 3 members to the gaming commission. And the Lt gov and speaker appoint 2 members each. That is 7 members in a gaming commission. You might just start sports betting but all the structure is in place and ready for the horse tracks and casinos to come into play. That commission hires a chief executive officer and then you have compliance officers.

Read SB57 line 1030 and read about 5 lines that deal with minors. A licensee shall not knowingly target minors in advertisements or promotions for sports betting.

The Senate held a hearing at 8 am on SB57.

Defense minister to address NATOS race for logistics.

Biden to go to poland.

Battle tanks pledged by us and allies to send to Ukraine. Nato members are treating Ukraine like they are members of the EU and putting troops and tanks in Poland.

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