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PART 1: Trailer School Board Chair: Dictatorship or Democracy?

In this video clip of a Chilliwack School District Board Meeting on February 7, 2023, Chilliwack school trustee Willow Reichert behaves like a dictator, and refuses to answer questions or challenges that members of the public put to her. In an effort to prevent them from fully airing their concerns, she routinely cuts them off, refuses to record their statements for the public record, and even threatens to expel them.

Extended Version: https://rumble.com/v295g84-chilliwack-school-board-meeting-feb-7-2023.html

Go to the following page to share this action and access a pdf version of the letter.

Do you believe Trustee Willow should be removed or step down?

A letter has been drafted at the above link to Copy and Paste, or write your own, and email your comments to:

Superintendent: rohan_arul-pragasam@sd33.bc.ca

Trustees: willow_reichelt@sd33.bc.ca, heather_maahs@sd33.bc.ca,
margaret_reid@sd33.bc.ca, david_swankey@sd33.bc.ca,
richard_procee@sd33.bc.ca, carin_bondar@sd33.bc.ca, teri_westerby@sd33.bc.ca

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