Pandemic Harms Listening Session - Wenatchee, WA - 28Jan23

Featuring many who were harmed and many concerned about the harms of the COVID-19 pandemic response by public health. Sponsored by:

Keynote: John Stockton, NBA Hall-of-Famer. [@1:18:10]

Healthcare providers speaking about harms:
Dr. Richard Amerling MD [0:28:15];
Kristen Jerezano, RN [1:03:10];
Brian McInnes, MD, ex-triathlete [1:11:25];

Attorney Todd Callender, Disabled Rights Advocate, [2:35:00];

Karl Lambert, ARNP [2:48:50];

Hosted by: Truth and Accountability Project Washington &

Permissions granted: 5 Times August for use of their songs and videos; for photos.

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