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2/11/23 SNL with AxeTruth - State Of the Union Smack Down

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The State of the Union is lies, corruption, poverty and crime.

1. Rosanne Barr is back , calling out the lunatic left, her pronouns is Kiss Her ass.

2. Disgusting Alphabet Soup teacher want to TEACH LGTBQ sexuality to children as young as 3yrs old

3. Rep Stefanik Parents are NOT domestic terrorists. The American people agree. The Biden Administration’s weaponization against parents is why the American people are losing trust in corrupt government agencies

4. Mayor Watermelon Seeds Adams it's a political stunt- What's your reaction after NYC Mayor Adams @NYCMayor spent the night at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, the Asylum seekers shelter where migrants were transferred from Watson Hotel earlier this week?
A.) Eric Adams denies ‘coordinating’ to send NYC migrants to Canada

5. New York City Mayor Eric Adams declares state of emergency after 17k migrants spark shelter ‘crisis’ but does nothing to help AMERICAN HOMELESS

6. Hillary Killery Clinton on money laudering child trafficking Clinton Foundation with bullshit Climate Change scam

7. Rep. Nancy Mace may have just single-handedly sent twitter executives all to GITMO for censoring Medical Professionals giving life saving information

8. Tulsi Gabbard - “They are trying to control what We the People see and say under the so-called guise of misinformation

9. Rep Stefanik The FBI paid Twitter over $3.4 million of taxpayer dollars to censor stories – including the Hunter Biden laptop story. 53% of Americans made aware of the Hunter Biden laptop story would have changed their vote in 2020

10. Biden loses total control of SOTU 2023 as he takes a swipe at Republicans, gets booed and MTG calls him a liar

11. Cuts to Medicare and Social Security they are off the table." - Speaker "Bea Arthur'" McCarthy

12. Joe Biden lying about gun violence to Ban Assault weapons

13. Good Guy with a gun stops Bad Guy with a Gun , Brandon Sei took gun from gunman and shot the gunman

14. kim guilfoyle nails Resident Joe Bide SOTU double down on FAILED far left lunacy

15. Pres Trump 2018 SOTU on Americas greatest Economy it has every had
a.) in 2019 304K Jobs is 100th straight month of job growth for Pres Trump economy after creating 2.6M Jobs in 2018

16. Pres Trump In less than two minutes, here's the real State of the Union Joe Biden's address is just a propaganda narrative full of LIES

17. Mike Lindell Responds To Ron Desantis’ Attack On Free And Fair Elections; Support Of Dominion "Totally Disqualifies" Him From 2024 Presidential Run

18.Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Relies On Aggressive Security Tactics To Escape Questioning By Veritas

19. Dr. Robert Malone Responds To Latest Pfizer Report On Women's Reproductive Health After Covid-19 Vax
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