Sasha Latypova exposes how US Intelligence and Military, force Covid19 Bio-weapon on the World

1 year ago

US Intelligence are in charge of Covid19 Bio-weapon and, there’s NO Rule of LAW to challenge their authority on Earth. - Intelligence Agencies there’s NO Allowance for US Agencies to interfere with me by violating Rule of Law and the authority of the god’s document under the Commonwealth of Australia and its Constitution. - Intelligence Agencies, Military, Governments, you are being judged, so Russian Military don’t protect Evil because Creation is unforgiving.

The Upper level of Intelligence Agencies run and control this Satanic agenda for SATAN on Earth and get the Whores of SATAN to illegally force we/people on Earth to comply with their Evil agenda against Creation while they create a Satanic theocracy:

Australia's Government showed their “SATAN’s script” (NO Standing in Creation) when they illegally removed “the Commonwealth of” wording in 1973 without a referendum to build their new Australian Parliament house with “the image of their GOD SATAN” built into it when already accountable through 1970 Invoking at: and, aerial photo shows their Female GOD SATAN is a computer with the 3 Parliament buildings plugged into it.

Australia's Government illegal act exposed: Australia, is officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia and, also states: Today’s Commonwealth of Australia is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the British monarch is the head of state, but serves only a ceremonial function, whereas the real power lies in the hands of the Australian people and their elected representatives.

We did not agree to unite under The Criminals that have usurped our Nation by Fraud and Deception:
The Corona fraud and hoax vaccine is judging all on Earth.

Ex Colonel of Intelligence Service (GRU) exposes the Covid hoax and Financial Reset Fraud:

DR Andreas Noack was murdered after his video exposed graphene hydroxide in the covid vaccine:

U.S. Government admits “5G radiation causes Covid-19” - Stunning admission - exposes their Evil:

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi exposing further evidence of the Covid-19 fraud against humanity:

All Agendas on Earth after 1970 Invoking are in defiance to Creation, because Intelligence Agencies, Military, Governments are accountable through 1970 Invoking after I, as a Navy Diver withdrew from the game after clandestine act under age when they violated the authority of signed law document - referred to as the authority of the god’s document under the Commonwealth of Australia and its Constitution and, they were already accountable for alien technology in me, on Australian soil and on Earth as my ct-scan shows on my: along with all my affidavits of evidence I hold.

Ameno Lyrics English Translation:

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