Commiefornia Insanity, Covid Lunacy, Plus Darren Beattie Talks Fedsurrection – The JD Rucker Show

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There are so many awesome changes happening at The JD Rucker Show next week. On today's episode, I briefly talked about that before diving into the news.

Top 10 Questions a Covid Commission Should Probe About the United States’ Pandemic Response -

San Francisco Mulls Creating a Red-Light District -

Study: 50% of All Vaccinated Young Athletes Have Myocarditis -

Naomi Wolf: Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA Shot a War on Women, Human Fertility -

‘It Was a Mistake’ for Biden to Open Border Without Plan: Andrew Cuomo -

Push-Button Digital Tyranny: U.K. Introduces 'Britcoin' CBDC Project -

Mo. Senate Votes to End Income Taxes on Gold and Silver, Hold Monetary Metals in Reserve -

At the end, I'll be talking to Darren Beattie from Revolver News. He wrote the forward for a book about The January 6th Report, so we'll be discussing that and all the things surrounding the "Fedsurrection."

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