Vera Sharav: "Never Again Is Now Global"

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Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor and a prominent human rights advocate, has just produced the powerful documentary "Never Again is Now Global," which features personal stories from fellow survivors and their descendants about the Nazi inhumane policies that culminated in the Holocaust while drawing parallels to the modern global Covid policies. 
In this interview with The New American, Ms. Sharav shares how Covid-related suspension of freedoms, imposition of lockdowns, coerced medical procedures and mandates and vaccine passports are echoing the measures put in place in Nazi Germany seventy-five years ago. Critical independent thinking, disobeying criminal mandates, and understanding that one’s rights come from God and not from the government are essential to winning this fight and to bringing the Covid criminals to justice, maintained Vera. 
Please help spread the warning. "Never Again Is Now Global" is free to watch and share:

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