Unpacking the Science of Earthquake Forecasting with Matt and V

1 year ago

Was the earthquake that killed over 20,000 people in Turkey and Syria on Feb.5 foreseeable? Is there a science of earthquake forecasting or are the priests of modern science correct to assert that these disasters are intrinsically unforseeable beyond the limited use of statistical probability theory and analyses of "elastic rebound" of the tectonic plates? In this program, Matt and V lay out the deeper methods used by successful forecasters like the Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets who distinguished himself in forecasting the disaster of Feb 5 (and dozens of other similar forecasts since 2014). We will unpack Hoogerbeets' methods that involve an appreciation for the electro magnetic environment of the earth, and broader solar system as well as the conjunctions, oppositions and other planetary geometries that induce amplifications of EM currents moving through our solar system.

We additionally take a few jabs at the disfunction in thinking that has overswept the fields of economics and climate science which presumes that one can only discuss the future by using linear extrapolations of trends tied to an unhealthy dose of mathematical probability theory.

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