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Harald Kautz-Vella - a name to become familiar with.

Dr. Merritt follows Harald Kautz into a DEEP Rabbit Hole about black goo, the nature of reality, Satan and Coronavirus and more. You may have to listen to this one TWICE or more. This guy KNOWS his shit. Explains Satan and AI. WILD stuff that will leave you a little stunned.

Talks about Long Covid. Getting magnetic is spike protein destroying red blood cells. Potassium being depleted. Time Travel, Satan, Timeline Changes/Splits, Mandela Effects, Mantis Aliens, Satan going to back to Source for 1,000 years, Archons, Archons are the Non-Incarnating Spirits of the Satanic Biosphere, The imprints of human Subconscious, and much more.

Archons are the Non-Incarnating Spirits of the Satanic Biosphere – Source: Harald Kautz-Vella on an interview with Dr. Lee Merritt at around the 58:44 mark.

The Satanic Biosphere had highly developed races. Not demons, demons are more like animals and archons are more like humans, but highly developed in Spirit, highly intelligent.

There are 3 types of Archons: One is like an Octopus entity – like Captain of the Pirates of Caribbean. Then the Spider which is the God of Free Masons. The third is Kundalini or Shakti.

Whenever humans have an injury to one of the Chakras an Archon can move in. If the sacrum chakra is damaged, injured or traumatized one of the archons can move in – a spider archon can move in if sacral chakra is traumatized.

The entire Circumcision business is to Traumatize the Sacrum Chakra.

Trauma is pulling back from perceiving your own body because it is too painful. Therefor you will not notice if something else moves in.

The Archon Entity CAN be removed if you go through and experience the trauma.

There are truly Evil people here. They are tortured down to the state Satan was tortured down to. They are completely disconnected from Source or Soul – which is part of Source. They are empty.

In the Satanic Cabal cults the children are traumatized. The weak ones are sacrificed.

The people we see as our leaders are “survivors” of severe trauma. They are detached from source. Since we are part of Source, they are completely detached from us. They have NO connection. They don’t even understand God. Not at all. They want to form a hive mentality. They have no attachment to an individual soul, their only soul is a Collective Soul of Darkness. A synthetic soul. An Artificial hive soul.

They are Hell.

Hell being completely detached from God Source Creator.

To become prominent in their world they have to behave like a hive of bees. Working diligently in lockstep to achieve their agenda.

One of the unspoken Agendas is to not allow us to know our purpose and to keep us as close to their darkness as they can.

They are Vampires who need us for energy as they have no connection to the all powerful source.

They truly believe they can obtain more power than God. They are insane. But yet highly intelligent as a hive.

They go through their religious child sacrifices and they are constantly recruiting others to join them, to join the darkside which can lead to fame, wealth, prestigious positions and power. But first they have to partake in murder – child sacrifice.

The “recruits” are NOT the real players here. They are the “Puppets.”

They really joy entrapping/imprisoning souls in their vicious games by offering them fortune, fame and power. They blackmail them and the USE them to help control the rest of us and influence us with propaganda.

The puppets are most of the higher political realms, head of states and presidents.

The Bloodlines are the so called “Masters.”

The Annunaki Bloodline being one of the masters. They have constantly changed their names through history. They breed within their own families to keep the blood pure.

We live in a Multiverse which devolves to Source and Satan. Satanic forces were incarnated into this black goo that literally could enter our dimension and effect planets. The black goo becomes part of our Planetary Consciousness and we lose our connectivity with Source God because it’s trying to take over.

Most of the Universe is just fine. This is an experiment with Source in which Source wanted to see what would happen if an Entity would completely be removed from God Source. So God wanted an isolated piece of himself in which he had no connection with it and it had no connection with Source.

Source is the Ultimate Manifester, so the instant Source asked this question – the answer is manifesting instantly as Source is outside of space time, everything instantly materialized.

Just the thought of the question of creating an entity separate of source started all of this

Now how to END this horrible experience?

What could recollect all of this and bring it all back home to Source?

This is what Humanity was created for.

We are now in the 5th creation as humans kept destroying each other.

We are here to absorb, experience and deal with trauma – the darkness. Then we heal and can go back to Source.

While here we live to our passions meaning we experience 3D physical life by doing what we are passionate about. We have Souls. Souls are part of God. God is Light. Light is LOVE. Just our presence here is enough to help heal the trauma.

Get it?? That’s the point.

What do I mean by Good Enough?

The more we wake up, we are En-Lightened. Meaning we are filled with more Source Energy. Our DNA is receiving Codes from the Sun as we enter this critical new 26,000 Astronomical Event.

There is a reason they are spraying to Dim the Sun right now, in this moment in time.

They do NOT want us waking up.

Light will reveal the Darkness.

They do not want their world to be discovered.

Light will be their ending.

Love will conquer them.

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