New Earth Seeding - Your Time Is Now! (Magenta Pixie and Dee-Taylor Mason)

9 months ago

This is an upload of a recent presentation by Magenta Pixie and Dee Taylor-Mason from September 2022, now available here for free. Magenta Pixie begins her talk at 34:00
Stepping into the fifth dimension and navigating the changes into New Earth. Special guest Magenta Pixie brings forward information from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine based on these questions:
- What does New Earth mean?
- What is the New Earth Seeding and how do we become part of it?
- How does Seeding affect or assist us in our current lives?
- What are the roles of local community groups and gatherings within this New Earth Seeding?
Dee and Magenta take questions following the presentation.
Dee and Magenta did not receive any payment themselves for this event in order to fundraise for the benefit of their local Freedom Community who are focused on their role within New Earth. Many thanks to everyone who joined the event in person, via Zoom or who purchased the recording afterwards.

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