Are the Vaccinated causing 2nd hand vaccine injuries in the unvaccinated?

1 year ago

Kris Edelkamp, a Retired Medical Myotherapist who worked with vaccinated professional athletes says she is severely vaccine injured, all while being unvaccinated.

"Genocide Jab" Author and AMPNews Founder John Michael Chambers and AMPNews CEO Kris Edelkamp are both sufferers of what is called "long haul Covid". The impact to their health was debilitating, quite literally close to fatal. With avid research into suppressed Medical Technologies and the care of some amazing hero doctors, Kris has been able to establish a daily maintenance protocol, that saved her life, after the damage of shedding from the "Genocide Jab." Neither she nor John Michael Chambers have been vaccinated, though, in all tangible ways, they appear to have vaccine injuries and long-term effects. It seems as though they have been poisoned. No matter what it is called, their health has never been the same since encountering Covid and the MRNA Bioweapons allegedly used to counter covid.

John Michael Chambers' book "Genocide Jab" exposing real time, widely uncomfortable truths that are necessary to our survival. A great poisoning is the real pandemic. It's us or them.

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