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AardvarkReloading.Com - Evernote Integration

In this video I am going to discuss the benefits of downloading and utilizing a app/program called Evernote. Evernote is an extremely useful program to keep track of your personal notes. You can use it as a word processor application to dress up your notes beyond just text. This is very useful since you may wish to publish your notes (or ideas) online.

Each and every note is publishable to the internet As-Is. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) typeset documents.

I exploit this feature to publish ("hang") my notes onto the AardvarkReloading.Com website.

What "sold" me was the ability to "Cooperatively Edit Notes". I can share editing responsibilities with trusted members.
You can use EverNote for free for 7 days but it is normally $9/mo for the full-blown version. You can sign up, use it, publish a few notes, and then decline to continue to use EverNote (all for free).

I am going to continue to publish the majority of my responses to MeWe in Evernote format. This will enable me to build a library of responses/comments. This will enable me to search for replies where I've responded to someone in the past and copy/paste my response.

The comments in "my library" can be edited, keeping my responses up-to-date.

I think I am scratching the surface of what we collectively may be able to do with Evernote.

More videos on this App will surely follow.
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