UK Column News Feb 2023. The Supremacy of Common Law, the Law of the Land & your property & person

1 year ago

The 'rule of law' or the 'supremacy of law' means, he said, 'the security given under the English constitution to the rights of individuals' and especially to 'the maintenance of freedom'.

Maritime Admiralty Law, the Law of the Sea (Dead in the Water)

The Occult Art of Law or also here

Strawman - The Nature of the Cage or on youtube here

'Cestui Que Vie Trust' Your birth certificate slave contract via the Vatican. Law of the Sea or also on bitchute

see also Uniform Commerical Code (Maritme Admiralty Law) Strawman & Birth Cert. Common Law and the Bible

Common Law & Admiralty Maritime Law & the difference. A practical example in a 'court' after intro

or longer version here Common Law above Admiralty Law. Liz Wheeler, Pfizer & Victims & The Indemnity Fallacy


mRNA VACCINE GENOCIDE 2021-2022: Testimonies From The Victims And Medical Staff – DOCUMENTARY

Taking a look at our rich “common law” heritage from England and examining its significance in American history.

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