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🎯 SGT Report Bombshell! Pfizer Crimes Against Humanity ~ DOD Ordered Pharma to Create the Killshots!

BOMBSHELL interview with Pascal Najadi and attorney Todd Callender. The dam of disinformation and lies regarding the Pfizer & Moderna bioweapon vax is breaking with Switzerland and Thailand leading the way by bringing justice to those responsible for crimes against humanity.
** Pfizer spelled backwards is Rezifp. Rezifp is of Hebrew origin & means (‘the Burner' or 'the Ravager') ancient West Semitic god of the plague & of the underworld. FYI - Pfizer was this year’s Grammys sponsor **
Discussion with Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi NEWS from the Royal Palace in Thailand:
Pascal's Rumble channel: https://rumble.com/user/neutralswiss
Video source: SGT Report on Bitchute
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