Common Law Court

1 year ago

Like many of you, I’ve reached the conclusion that our justice system is seriously flawed and broken. Back in the 90’s I read there were over 60,000 laws on the books (and mind you nearly all of them aren’t laws at all but statutes), with more such “laws” being created every year. Punishment for breaking these laws or statutes is arbitrary. If you are rich and powerful you can get away with just about anything. If you aren’t rich you can be jailed, imprisoned or fined into penury for a violation of unlawful statutes. What’s the remedy?
Yes, jury nullification is a great remedy up to a point. The odds of winding up with a jury that knows about it are very slim. When I learned that the Arkansas General Assembly has a remedy, they had my full attention and I got involved. I soon learned that I wasn’t going to be handed all the answers on a silver plater and would have to do my own research into our history, law, and government in order to understand the way forward. It’s not easy because over the years this knowledge has been carefully hidden from us. And when I began to uncover it, it was in pieces, spread all over so I feel like I’ve been building a giant jigsaw puzzle and launched the Our Time Knowledge Base to assemble what’s relevant to not only gaining access to justice but to actually restore our de jure government.
In my previous video, introducing “the Law of the Land”, otherwise known as common law, I demonstrated how to use the knowledge base so go back and watch that one if you haven’t already. In this video we’ll look at the common law court.

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