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WhatUpWife Joins Rumble! | Homeschool Mom

Hey! My name is Becca and this is my little corner of the internet to share my love of being a follower of Jesus, wife, mother and homeschooling parent. This video is just the very beginning of what I hope turns into lots of great content and encouragement for you. Make sure to hit the FOLLOW button and give me a +1 Rumble (the thumbs up button) - and if you're feeling extra fancy, follow along on my other socials. Thank you for your support, go RUMBLE!

+ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatUpWife
+ Instagram: https://instagram.com/WhatUpWife
+ Locals: https://whatupwife.locals.com

This video would not be possible without my amazing husband doing the editing of the video, and putting up with me 24/7, follow him at:

For partnerships and collaborations, you can e-mail me directly at: whatupwife@whatupian.com

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