MYL Episode 78: Thorhild County's 'Eyebrow-Raising' Proposed Land Use Authorization Bylaw with Carey Thiessen

9 months ago

Carey Thiessen, resident of the County of Thorhild, talks about the recent proposal for new Land Use Authorization Bylaws that have many residents of this predominantly Rural/Agricultural area questioning just what the Urban authors were thinking. By Leaha Mattinson

Carey is an advocate of freedom, self-sufficiency, and resilience development and an active member of her communitee. She has a long history of teaching First Aid/AED/CPR and Wilderness and Remote First Aid as well a volunteer emergency responder with Fire/Rescue Departments in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

00:00 Intro

00:45 Start, Who am I and whats going on

02:05 Introducing Carey Thiessen

03:15 Thorhild County, a rural county north of Edmonton, Alberta focused on agriculture with 7 hamlets, no towns, and about 3000 people living primarily in the country.

04:00 Updating Land use bylaws, Thorhild has contracted Greenspace Alliance, an urban planning company, to present a rewrite of current land use bylaws. A public hearing to review the draft occurred January 10, with no support from those members of the public who spoke.

07:00 Questionable choices made in the new bylaw documents

08:55 Primary concerns about the new bylaws, such as retroactive application, fencing requirements, permits, and more.

12:05 More details about the public hearing and dealing with the County Council

14:50 Pay attention to your municipalities!!

15:10 The power a Land use bylaw has over your property

16:58 New bylaws referencing other bylaws which don’t exist

18:00 Some truly absurd Urban Hen bylaw permits

26:05 Not alone in these absurdities, several other counties have also contracted Greenspace Alliance, where they’ve started implementing similar changes.

27:00 Contacting Carey

29:15 Outreach from and to others who fear similar problems in their communities

30:30 Some advice from Carey; contact your county, see her facebook group below for more

32:50 #take action

35:05 More outreach. Carey provides examples of this happening in other places

37:50 Vulcan’s gardens are at risk

38:45 The future under these bylaws is worrying

40:52 Closing Comments

49:27 Outro

Carey Thiessen;
Twitter: @VoiceOfThor

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Green Space Alliance;

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