Dr. Meehan: Vaccines and health effects

1 year ago

Dr. Meehan discusses the experimental gene therapy and its consequences; his experience as an internist;
7:00 the state of modern medicine, its decline and how the system has failed;
12:00 Opioid epidemic;
17:30 US vaccine program, clinical research, public health policies, vaccine revenue stream;
32:00 Red flags, autism, autoimune disorders, covid-vaxx injuries;
41:00 Antibody dependent enhancement explained and health consequences
45:00 Spike protein longevity and its consequences, amaloids and abnormal proteins;
49:00 pharmaceutical, medical, and hospital cartel; why the system is so broken;
59:00 brilliant minds develop inexpensive protocols to complement our perfect immune systems;
1:02:00 don't be scared, get prepared;
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