Atlantis Chronicles -- Part 2 -- The Future of America is Tied Directly to the Mystery of Atlantis

10 months ago

This four hour investigation of the mystery of Atlantis answers many questions of the ancient times. It falls in with the idea of Rehab (Lucifer’s Planet,) and proves that the legends of Atlantis are based upon solid fact, but those facts are being misinterpreted - largely because the Bible and other ancient books such as the Book of Enoch have been discarded, along with the notion of Fallen Angels. The legends of Atlantis are in fact based upon the Nephilim, the sons of the sons of God, who came to earth eons ago, as recorded in the Book of Genesis. There is little question that the legends of Atlantis are the legends of the Golden Age of the “gods”. The “gods” of Genesis Six, fallen Angels, mated with earth women and produced a race of giants called the “Mighty Men”, or “The Men of Renown”. These giants ruled over the earth until the flood of Noah, which wiped the vast majority of them out. The elite worship the concepts of Atlantis, and they are using America in an attempt to bring about another Atlantis Kingdom. We explore the writings of the Secret Societies and probe the Atlantis-Masonic Connection. The modern Babylon of the Bible is connected directly to Atlantis.

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