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Paul Thomas, MD, has fought a one man war against the childhood vaccines for a decade. More than 14,000 of his patients have not had all the childhood vaccines, although fewer than 800 had none. When he hired a statistician to study them, the man walked out of his cubicle after two days and called Paul over. The practice showed conclusive proof that vaccines massively increase autism, psych diagnoses, office visits, and all kinds of infections and inflammatory diseases. His completely unvaccinated patients were the healthiest children in his practice.

Paul describes the blowback he experienced from the big-Pharma-influenced Oregon medical board. One source reported, “After publishing the most significant real-world, peer-reviewed study showing data, over time, that children receiving fewer vaccines were healthier than those following the CDC vaccine schedule, the Oregon Medical Board (OMB), emergently and without filing charges, took his license. This emergency suspension resulted in Dr. Paul losing not only his license but all health plan contracts, hospital privileges, board certifications, and his ability to practice medicine and make a living for this last year.” Paul finally jettisoned his medical license at about the time of this interview. This gives him the power to say what he believes in the future.

Our wide-ranging conversation included:

How he was smeared by idiot journalists who DFR (don’t freaking read). They claimed it was his fault that a kid who he had never seen developed tetanus.

How he gradually became aware of many “controversies” in medical care that make so much money for the industry.

All about his book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, which he wrote before he fully understood how bad vaccines were. He now says that childhood vaccinations all have overwhelmingly unhealthy effects.

How mercury was recognized as toxic and banned except for multi-dose flu vaccine. I did not get a chance to discuss the Cochrane Reviews about the flu vax, which I believe says it is useless and toxic.

How to rid your mouth of mercury amalgams by going to a “biological” dentist. We discussed mercury consumption from fish.

How aluminum was another seriously toxic substance that we should never use, either orally, by injection, or on the skin surface (deodorants). How the Hepatitis B vaccine, which contains aluminum, started being used for infants about the time mercury was taken off the market in the early 2000s. How it is supposedly justified for preventing this sexually transmitted disease, which is insane for newborns.

How Tylenol should be taken off the market because it depletes an important anti-oxidant, NAC. How aspirin is safer but has been smeared with an association to a serious condition called Reye’s Syndrome.

Discussion about magnesium deficiency, how to take it orally, or by putting it in your bath or on your skin.

Why SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is related to SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), and how both are made-up diagnoses that were created to disguise vaccine injuries.

I told Dr. Thomas how I convince people that childhood vaccines cause autism. I say that there are no studies of vaccine effectiveness—none—but there are 10,000 kids in the US who fell down after getting a vaccine, start banging their heads, and never spoke again. Paul said more than 95 percent of these had a vaccine within a week, and he corrected me—this happens to 10,000 kids a year.

Last, we tried to quantify toxic risks. Paul says that since not everyone smokes, vaccines dwarf even this as a health risk. I am not sure about this, so listen and see what you think. We discussed others:

Glyphosate (Roundup). This is everywhere and in many food sources. Organic farming avoids pesticides, but false claims about that are common.

Fluoride is a brain toxin and is in most city water supplies but can be avoided if you use reverse-osmosis water treatment or drink bottled water.

Plastics are thought to suppress immune function and hormones.

We touched briefly on the dangers of EMF (electric and magnetic fields). The largest sources of this are WiFi emissions. I showed how my EMF detection gadget works (buy it HERE, about $200). It communicates directly with my tinfoil hat, which tells it what to do (just kidding). I showed on the video how it goes red next to my cell phone.

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