Human Cloning : REVEALED & EXPOSED | Undercover Evidence of Dr. Zavos

1 year ago

Exclusive undercover investigative video and audio evidence of the "Father of Human Cloning", Dr. Panayiotis (Panos) Zavos, admitting to cloning human beings.

These shocking revelations prove Dr. Zavos was meeting with Hezbollah and Israel both during the same timeframes.

He openly admits to playing God, and even having children he cloned brought to him by their 'parents' to "Meet the one who made them".

For Dr. Zavos' company, Zavos Scientific, its slogan is "People are our Business – The World is Our Market". He admits, also, to being "The Father of Human Cloning in the World". All this and much, much more is disclosed in these reality-shattering Revelations, including his new client, Elon Musk! Still think he's a good guy?!

Grab on to your chair! This video is not available anywhere else, except from A Call to Actions - Investigations.

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