The Need To Investigate DOJ and FBI Weaponization Against America People

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Houck's home was raided. Houck is a pro-life catholic after protesting at abortion clinic. He was charged with Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance Act. He was found not guilty. The facility is the one that complained because he was peacefully protesting and the DOJ showed up by raiding his house with the FBI. the courts got it correct. But the need to investigate the DOJ and FBI is being weaponized against the American people. It was a tactic to intimidate pro-life Americans and people of faith.

Brian Kemp is boosting pay raises for teachers on his twitter feed. Yet we can’t find our lawmakers stopping the fentanyl in our state or ban medical sex changes for minors. Stop experiments on our children. Stop these pedofiles from experimenting on our kids. Everything is screwing up our kids and we need to put a stop to it and put people in prison. A Seattle surgeon brags on Tiktok about removing breasts of 15yo on a trans-identified patient. The kid was referred to him by Children hospital. This is happening all across this country. Children don’t know how to order pizza let alone know their gender at 5.

Scott Jensen tweeted that they are now using Keith Ellison and the AG office to take away his medical licenses. In the state of GA it is happening. He was one of the firsts that started questioning the death certificates on covid reporting and modifications to death certificates. This is about raw politics, raw power. Not one of the allegations is about patient care. It is all about people not liking his views. He has been in practice for 40 years. They are weaponizing the AG of MInnesota against him as a dissenting voice.

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