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People Live as Animals, Not Conscious Human Beings | Church 1/29/23

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Knowledge keeps you in darkness. Would you rather be stopped by black or white police? Human beings live like animals in anger.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 29, 2023: Millennials get carried away with "Just-in-Time" logistics. // Stay with watching the thoughts. Don't rush into intellectual learning. Don't think you have it: All thoughts are lies. // One woman faces ego death amid provocation, dealing with her problem with the word "obey." Men, don't marry a woman who won't obey. But you can't be beta. Stay with prayer. The Devil doesn't take a break. //

We talk at-length about the Tyre Nichols beating by Memphis police officers. Would you rather be stopped by black or white cops? Watch the thoughts; the Devil lies to you before knowing the truth. The world draws you in and you get caught up. BLM and Antifa don't care about the alleged victim. //

Do you ever try to be like someone else? How will you be yourself? Can you be inspired by others without losing yourself? // Both dogs and people live an "instinct life" of emotions, rather than a conscious life of love. Your enemy is your enemy. And your friend is your enemy. Both dogs and women can sense a man's fear. // Biblical Question: Why do you get involved with your own problems? In reality, there are no problems. Know thyself. //

ANNOUNCEMENTS: JLP is suspended on YouTube; watch Rumble! Men's Forum first Thursday, Feb 2, 2023, 7 PM at BOND! //

0:00:00 Sun, Jan 29, 2023
0:02:13 Welcome: Just-in-Time logistics
0:06:51 Follow-up with lady: Don't rush intellectually
0:12:54 Knowledge keeps you in darkness
0:18:01 Don't think you have it: All thoughts are lies
0:22:22 Not responding when provoked
0:27:39 Ego death: Pills, problems with word "obey"
0:35:14 JLP: Don't marry a woman who won't obey
0:36:30 No "righteous anger"
0:40:14 Identifying / rationalizing anger
0:43:46 Prayer: The Devil doesn't take a break
0:44:44 Man's son disappointed in parents to their face
0:50:25 Super: Prayer before a meal? Eat to remember
0:53:35 Memphis police situation (Tyre Nichols beating)
1:10:17 Rather stopped by white or black cops?
1:12:58 JLP: Watch thoughts/Devil. World draws you in
1:21:00 Loving dogs? Be like someone else?
1:33:53 Dogs and people: Instinct life, not conscious/love
1:46:22 Your friend is your enemy
1:49:54 Dogs and women smell your fear
1:52:26 BQ: Why get involved with your problems?
1:54:28 JLP: No problems. Know thyself
1:58:42 Closing: No JLP YouTube? Men's Forum



Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday 11 AM PT at BOND in Los Angeles


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