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Scanning a Predynastic Granite Vase to 1000th of an Inch - Changing the Game for Ancient Precision!

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The debate around whether or not ancient technology existed and was responsible for creating the obvious precision found on many ancient artifacts has taken a strong step forward! Concrete, undeniable evidence for utterly astounding geometric precision has been discovered by professional metrologists Alex Dunn and Nick Sierra, based on the structured-light scan results from a predynastic rose-granite vase, an artifact from Ancient Egypt that is at least 5,000 years old. The implications from this evidence on the story of our own history of civilization are profound.

This is exactly the type of work I’ve been calling for, for years now – the application of our own advanced levels of science and technology to the open-minded investigation of our past. Join me as we explore this remarkable new work, and what it might mean. Many thanks to Alex, Nick and Adam for their time and efforts in getting this work done, and I will be releasing my full discussion with them as a video on this channel.

The vase scan reports (in metric and imperial) are available on my website https://unchartedx.com , in the post about this video.

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