Whitney Webb: Breaking down the WEF, Eugenics, Transhumanism, Organized Crime, and Globalist Elites.

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In this clip Whitney Webb is connecting the dots of WEF and their plans with documented evidence to back up her claims on the podcast Radical w/Maajid Nawaz.

Whitney Webb is an investigative journalist and researcher known for her work on various topics including U.S. politics, foreign policy, and the intersection of technology and surveillance. She has written for various publications such as MintPress News, The Grayzone, and Consortium News, and is a regular contributor to the online publication Unz Review. Webb is also known for her research into topics such as the deep state, the military industrial complex, and the intelligence community.

The idea of the fourth industrial revolution and the concept of merging human and machine, as promoted by the World Economic Forum and its founder Klaus Schwab, can be seen as a rebranding and reframing of the transhumanist and eugenic ideas that have been present in certain circles for decades. The connections between the WEF, certain individuals and organizations with ties to eugenics, and the current push for mass collection of genetic data and the integration of artificial intelligence in genetic research, all point to a potential for the creation of a global technocratic tyranny focused on eugenics and transhumanism.

The World Economic Forum and its leaders, such as Klaus Schwab, have been linked to eugenics and transhumanism through their promotion of the fourth industrial revolution, which emphasizes the merging of technology and biology. The WEF's connections to organizations and individuals with disturbing pasts, such as the Rockefeller family and Henry Kissinger, also raise concerns about their true intentions. Additionally, the WEF's involvement in initiatives such as the Great Reset and the collection and use of genetic data by companies like Google and Illumina, further support the idea that they are pushing for a global technocratic tyranny focused on eugenics and transhumanism.

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However, it is important to note that these ideas and actions are not universally accepted and there are counter arguments and criticisms to this perspective.

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