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Mercy for Unborn Children Secures Mercy from HaShem

Rabbi Alan Betsalel Friedlander teaches a Tanakh class on mercy and charity for unborn children.

Part 1 - Mercy for Unborn Children Secures Mercy from HaShem
Part 2 - Charity and Justice for Unborn Children Rescind Divine Judgment
Question - How can we appeal to religious people who deny unborn children mercy, charity and justice?

0:00 Intro and Part 1
31:13 Part 2
50:19 Question

Notes for this class:

_Mercy is connected to the final redemption in more than 6 verses, (including Deut. 30, Isaiah 54, Jer. 31, Zech 1, Psalms 102,) but we had only covered a sampling of six of those verses during the recording session.

_At the 8 minute mark, the discussion is of how many died in war in human history. At least 150 million, which is certainly no less than 2/3rds of the approximately 200 million people of the world's population at the time that the prophecy was given to humanity.

_Rashi on the verse, quoted at the 25 minute mark, is located at Exodus 2:1

_Reversal of the chilul HaShem, desecration of God's name, that is done if religious people support cruelty, is reversal of what Rambam/Maimonides classifies as the greatest of sins. (Cf. Mishneh Torah: Laws of Repentance 1:4) If the chilul HaShem, desecration of God's name is removed, via protestation against cruelty...There is then no need for death in order to find complete atonement. Rabbeinu Yonah discusses the possibility of reversing a chilul HaShem in his work Shaarey Teshuvah/The Gates of Repentance.

Rabbi Alan Betsalel Friedlander is a lecturer for Congregation Yeshiva Yaakov Ovenu, and a blogger of some renown. A son of Harav Leon (Eliezer) Friedlander, the great kiruv (outreach) Rav of Chicago, and a student of great poskim, Harav Aharon Soloveichik (at Yeshivas Brisk in Chicago), and Harav Chaim Yisroel Belsky (at Mesivta Torah Vodaath in Brooklyn, NY.) Rabbi Friedlander was an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Touro College in New York before returning to Yeshiva to complete his semicha (rabbinical ordination) studies which he began under Rav Aharon Soloveichik. He was granted semicha from HaRav Chaim Yisroel Belsky. Rabbi Friedlander answers many questions about Torah and Judaism on Quora and on his blog.

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