1 month ago

The Ultimate World Economic Forum 2023 RECAP (+ Detailed Timestamps)

Rob drops the most sought after release of the year, his World Economic Forum recap. Buckle up! This one is a doozy, but we put together all the must see footage. This is truly a must watch if you want to know what is coming...

0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Media Treatment
7:05 - Disinformation
13:29 - Metaverse
15:20 - Brain Chips and Collecting Neuro Data
19:39 - Trans Human Elitism
22:46 - Biomedical Surveillance
26:03 - The Brave New World Dystopia and 15 Minute Cities
33:48 - The Looming Cyber Threat
35:50 - Russia and Ukraine
40:54 - Who are these Leaders really loyal to?
43:40 - The American Politicians at Davos
47:12 - Protestors at Davos and Abroad
51:55 - The Human Spirit will Prevail

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