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This had nearly 30,000 views and was taken off YouTube, it has taken it's toll on a few channels ;/ For more info and the story on the song, here is an interview

Freedom Now was inspired by all those at the forefront of the truth movement during a time in humanity known as the great awakening. It is an amazing and challenging time to be alive as there is a vast amount of misinformation in the media. Many are digging for the truth and putting their tails on the line and those folks are known as the digital warriors. This song is for you and all you are doing for humanity, children, and future generations. It is also to assist in the awakening process for those that may not be aware.

Joe Rosati writes acoustic-based, soulful, lyrically enchanting music influenced by the likes of The Cure, Led Zeppelin, Echo, and the Bunnymen, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, etc.
Joe began playing music almost immediately with a band in his early 20's and after a few years, began writing his own lyrics and vocals to continue, as not all bands last.
He has released two singles, two LPs and one EP and which was the soundtrack for the award-winning independent film A Perfect Life available here

Rosati's lyrics are empathetic to the human condition and include subject matters like die without dying and the never tree.
"I’ve always felt something was off in the world. I heard about 911 when it happened, but a few years later I started delving into it. Then it didn’t feel like there’s much one could do about it.
When I heard through some of the truthers that men needed to stand up, I thought “what can I do?”
This led to writing Freedom Now.
Music Video shot by Nick Alvear
Produced by Joe Rosati, Scott Stone and Nick Alvear.


Freedom Now was written and recorded in 2021 in Tacoma, WA. Tacoma is known as the Liverpool of the USA according to Rosati's friend Buck Ormsby of the Fabulous Wailers. It was written to help awaken humanity.


I’ve just been a kid by the side of the road
watching the world well its all just a show.
Those we’ve looked up to are not who they seem
They flash their symbols in a horrible scheme.
We’ve been lied to about so many things
The television seeps poison as the mockingbird sings.

We just want our freedom now

The scripts of the movies show part of the plot
under the surface lies plenty of rot
many actors play a devious role
made a deal with the devil under mind control
the leaders are black mailed, they sold us out
eyes and souls as black as coal to gain their clout

We just want our freedom now

no longer slaves in this human race
explore the stars and travel space

The history we learned isn’t even real
it’s been rewritten as part of the deal
We’ve lived in a psych op our DNA dumbed down
the worlds been run by the cabal of clowns
They want us divided and uninformed
our morality gone as part of the norm

We just want our freedom now

Raise your minds join the fight
unveil the truth from darkness to light

Where We Go One We Go All
released July 15, 2021
Written by Joe Rosati

Joe Rosati- Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars
Steve Collins- Engineering, Mixing, Composing, Editing, Backup vocals
Adrienne Thompson - Backup Vocals
Trissa Carlton - Backup Vocals
Brooks Shepherd - Backup Vocals/Guitar

Produced by Joe Rosati and Steve Collins

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