New Glock performance trigger review pt2

1 year ago

In the second part Johnny talks a little more about the safety and functionality of the new Glock performance trigger. He does a comparison of 3 setups with the new Glock performance trigger and tests them side-by-side.

In the first video he installed the Johnny Glocks VEX shoe to see if it was viable. In this video he goes over how his VEX shoe upgrade drastically increases the action and performance of the Glock performance trigger. He also discusses adding other components to his shoe to make it an incredibly safe and predictable defensive carry option.

3 Setups Compared:
1) Stock Glock performance trigger dropped right in
2) Glock performance stock except VEX proprietary trigger shoe, minimized pre-travel. zero over-travel, short reset
3) Glock performance trigger with the VEX and plus performance enhanced connector

Find both the VEX trigger shoe and the OEM plus connector upgrade here:

Read the full transcript here:

00:00 Start
00:22 Recap from part 1 video
00:55 Summary of the new Glock performance trigger
02:21 Cool features of the Glock performance trigger
03:06 Glock performance trigger vs the Timney setup
04:57 Three Glock setups for comparison
06:39 **Johnny means to say Glock performance trigger, not Timney
07:30 #1 Stock Glock performance trigger
09:03 #2 VEX shoe with the Glock performance trigger
10:56 #3 VEX shoe with plus connector paired with the Glock performance trigger
11:49 All about the angles
13:20 Stout wall
14:48 Pound pull test for all 3
17:38 Safety features still engaged
18:50 How to remove the shoe and install the VEX
21:57 Summary
24:00 Instagram giveaway details

**NOTE at 6:39 he meant to say Glock performance trigger, not Timney

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The video was originally uploaded to YouTube on January 19th, 2023.

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