Learn About the Help America Vote Act - Update...AZ SOS Attorney Chan's Reply

1 year ago

The Help America Vote Act is:
An Act to establish a program to provide funds to States to replace punch card voting systems, to establish the Election Assistance Commission to assist in the administration of Federal elections and to otherwise provide assistance with the administration of certain Federal election laws and programs, to establish minimum election administration standards for States and units of local government with
responsibility for the administration of Federal elections, and for other purposes.

Basically that means, that the State, by accepting the monies from the Federal government SHALL comply with the minimum requirements of this ACT if they want to use machine counts instead of hand counts.

Join Gail Golec as she explains the Help America Vote Act, how you, in your state, can file an Administrative Complaint and the AZ SOS General Counsel's response to the request.

Download the Help America Vote Act Documents here: https://bit.ly/HAVAFREEDOM

The Call to Action is to contact Amy Chan and let her know that she must submit this Complaint to the Administrative Judge.

Amy B. Chan (She | Her | Hers)
General Counsel
Arizona Secretary of State
Email: achan@azsos.gov
Office: 602-542-6167

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Download the Help America Vote Act Documents here: https://bit.ly/HAVAFREEDOM

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