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Tennessee Hunters Call To Action: New Rule Proposals for 2023 Deer Season

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Boge Quinn (https://gunblast.com/) discusses proposed Tennessee deer hunting rule changes currently under consideration by TWRA.The "Comment Period" ends February 1st, 2023.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD by emailing twra.huntingcomments@tn.gov.

The following proposals have been submitted and are under consideration:

1. Once archery season ends, allowing private land owners to use weapon of choice on their own private property (or using the single shot rifle, handgun, and shotgun example as detailed in Item 2 below), with "land owners" being described under the current legal description. The private landowner provision should be a no-brainer because, as long as land owners abide by the quotas and sex of deer to be harvested, they should be allowed to use what they want to harvest deer on their own land after archery season ends.

2. Changing "muzzleloader season" to a "primitive weapons" season, allowing the additional use of the following:
Single shot rifles and handguns with exposed hammers, 35 caliber and above firing a straight-walled handgun cartridge with a case length no longer than 1.8 inches, and/or Single shot shotguns with an exposed hammer firing slugs

3. Changing muzzleloader season to the last two weeks of the year and moving gun season back two weeks

4. Changing the season after Archery to allow weapon of choice thru the end of deer season, and adjusting license costs appropriately to accept this change.

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