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Knowing VS Hoping - e70 - Bob Tasca - David Vs Goliath Podcast

In this short episode of David VS Goliath, Adam DeGraide interviews the amazing Bob Tasca 3 from the NHRA and Tasca Automotive Group! You will absolutely love this episode. It is loaded with wisdom and profound advice for anyone especially those of us who our entrepreneurs and leaders in our respective businesses.

Here is the link to the full original episode: https://rumble.com/vp9jej-david-vs-goliath-s1-episode-5-part-2-bob-tasca.html

This episode is made possible by our sponsors https://automatemysocial.com and https://anthemsoftware.com

David Vs Goliath Podcast features some of the top small business CEO’s stories of how they where able to leverage technology or other secrets to not only compete with their big competitors but actually win! In this fun and entertaining format your host Adam DeGraide will keep it interesting, educational and practical. This is a must view podcast for any existing or aspiring entrepreneur who has the desire to FIND, SERVE & KEEP more customers….PROFITABLY.

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