Majestic lion lazily grooms himself on the African plain

1 year ago

Lions are truly majestic beasts. They are enormous and powerful, regal and awe-inspiring. The sight of a lion evokes great emotion in all of us. It can be a mix of fear and respect, or simple wonder. Most of us will never see a wild lion in its own environment, especially not at close range.

This wildlife videographer brings the viewer right up close as a wild lion grooms himself on the grass. He lives in a protected habitat in Kenya and he wanders free and unconcerned with hunters or encroaching human development. His range is vast and it is protected from construction and traffic. A select few can tour through this habitat with a trained and licensed guide. The effect on the animals is minimized and the safety of the guests is ensured. These are wil animals and irresponsible behaviour would mean danger for the people as well as the animals. This safari tour contributes to the cost of maintaining and ensuring the wilds remain wild. The tour also promotes understanding and a love for the animals that have been declining as human interference increases. In turn, conservation efforts are more successful as the importance of preserving these beautiful creatures is brought to light.

This lion commands a large pride of females and young males, as well as their offspring. He is the alpha male and the undisputed king of his domain. He has just fed on the meat of a wildebeest and he is ready to have a nap in the sunshine. But first, this big male grooms and cleans himself. It helps deter flies, although there are still hundreds swarming around him. It also helps keep him free of infection and health complications.

A lion this big and powerful has little reason to worry and it's easy to admire his nonchalance as he cleans himself. He does not have to look over his shoulder, There are few threats for him on the African plain. Lions are the apex predator here and only a very determined pack of hyenas would ever consider challenging a healthy lion.

This video was generously provided by a kind-hearted nature guide who has allowed it to be used to assist a very deserving family in Kenya, Africa, as they struggle with medical costs and school fees for their child. Shares and views will help. Direct contributions can also be made at

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