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01/23/23 Monday Madness - Only Write Checks Your @ss Can Cash

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We living in time where lots of people are allowing their mouth to write checks their ass can't cash. Covidians who bash, demonized , & ridiculed people who refuse to take the Depopulation Shot aka Covid19 vaccine.. They are slowly realizing they have been lied too, some are humbling themselves to admit it. Some stay in their Strong Delusion by avoidance & denial because of their ego/pride.

1. Time for Resident Biden to resign , more classified documents found while he was Senator, MSM & DEMS throwing him under the bus

2. video of a Georgia man yelling racial slurs at a Black FedEx worker has gone viral since it was posted on social media. This was reported as NEWS ? but MSM not reporting the 2 Gay activist who adopted to boys, were raping the boys & pimping them out to other guys online making child porn.

2. Antifa messed around with cops in Atlanta. Antifa found out. Those that are arrested all WHITE leftist from other states

3. PYSOP exposed A compilation of every Damar Hamlin “In the Building” video the NFL showed yesterday

4. The gunman responsible for the mass shooting in Monterey Park in California has been identified as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran

5. Sha’carri Richardson gets kicked off a flight when the flight attendant told her to get off a phone call and put her phone on airplane mode. She started recording a video, refused to stop, yelled at the attendant, abused passengers

6. Silk talks about how DJT told her to have whatever she wants for Diamonds funeral and he would cover the costs

7. Ex-Mason Exposes The Royal Secret of Masonry blow the lid off Masonic sexual abuse of children, I've yet to see any evidence of Trump being invovled in anything like this

8. President Trump at Davos Never forget that this man walked straight into the Lion’s Den (World Economic Forum) rejected Globalism & profits of Doom right to the Globalist’s face

9. Trump speaking at Davos about Energy Security in 2018 letting WEF know he knows their evil plans to disrupt world energy and world economies , he rejected Climate change green energy in their face

10. Scott Adams finally Admits Unvaxxed are the winners, however their no winners here

11. We’re out of COVID,” says Jamie Lee Curtis just days before contracting COVID .. This upset the Covidian... Also Jamie Lee Curtis was born a boy

12. The people that were convinced or coerced into taking an experimental untested vaccine have nothing but regret

13. Rebel Media viral video question Pfizer CEO about the useless vaccine, all of Social Media trying to block this video
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