VSRF Live College Edition EP12: "The Hardest Hit" 1000s of Athletes Collapsing, Dying, Cardiac Issues

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Phoebe Liou was a homeschooled early highschool graduate at 16, a Babbidge Scholar, Mortensen Scholar, and Honors Student; but when she challenged Covid-19 vaccine and test mandates, the University of Connecticut canceled her from the university, along with $23,000 of merit scholarships. Watch her mini documentary "Second Class Scholar": https://tinyurl.com/second-class-scholar

Tyce Patt is a marketing student at Ohio University. Twice elected student senator of the college of business. Currently suing Ohio university on appeal for the university Covid mandates. Visit Tyce's Website: https://saveohiou.com

Mila Radetich was an early highschool graduate at 14, a premed student at her local community college; now attending Continuing Medical Education courses through Stanford and Yale. Coerced by the administration and schools, she was faced with a decision to receive the Covid vaccine or drop school completely. The vaccine caused adverse disabling conditions. Watch Mila's VSRF episode: https://rumble.com/v1qcg3r-vsrf-college-edition-episode-9.html

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