An Interview with Dr. Thomas Binder & Alexander Mercouris from The Duran

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1 year ago

This past Saturday I had the great opportunity to do a Locals Exclusive with these two fine gentlemen, which was aimed to review a topic long put on the back burner as the Ukraine / NATO / Russia Conflict escalates to what ends nobody knows.
However it is my opinion that it is, as sad as this may sound, a form of distraction.

Just a few months ago we were told that the Corona p(l)andemic was at a cease fire point and all of a sudden we find ourselves in the midst of what could be called the 3rd World War.
A recent interview with William Gates was also viewed where he said the next much larger biological tragedy (SEERS) was just around the corner and would strike is in 2023.

Coming back to Dr. Binder I asked him to tell us what happened to him during Easter 2020 where he was viciously arrested, detained and locked away in a mental asylum for daring to speak against the Covid19 narrative. I ask him what happened a little more closer and what we can look forward to as we now know much more about the machinations of this mRNA therapy and it´s controversies.

Along with Mr. Alexander Mercouris we dive into the legal and other important aspects of what this all could mean for us in the future.
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There will be a future Q&A on the Duran with Dr. Binder here on Rumble, Locals and Odysee coming up.

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