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The Bold Conservative Christian Worldview of Bryson Gray

The UniParty Swamp is in charge in Washington DC. Meanwhile, most pastors across America are focused on filling the pews by filling the ears of their flock with lukewarm teachings and life coach anecdotes.

America is in desperate need of people like Christian conservative rapper Bryson Gray. We need a boldness that is greater than the fanatics of wokeness. We need to be more cunning than the RINOs leading the GOP with their Democrat buddies. We need the type of dedication to Judeo-Christian values that climate change cultists have for their religion.

We need spiritual, cultural, and political revival, and we need it now. On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I will be interviewing Gray about the various ills that face our nation. He has quickly built a brand that goes far beyond his rise to fame with the "Let's Go Brandon" song. He tells it like he sees it and nobody is above reproach.

I'll also be discussing the debt ceiling, economic challenges, and the globalist machinations of Pope Francis. It should be a controversial show that has the potential to be truly epic.

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