Nefarious [2023] | Teaser-Trailer [Contains Strong Language]

1 year ago


The English Language Debut Of Danish Acting Legend, Kim Bodnia [The Bridge, Killing Eve], who stars alongside newcomers Conor Woodman, Spek and Guy Porritt, as well as Tygo Gernandt, Alwein Tulner, Johnny Melville and the late Antonie Kamerling, in a fast-moving guerrilla-thriller set in London Amsterdam and North East England, produced, written, edited and directed by Michael O'Bernicia.


After twenty years of marriage, Europe’s #1 quality coke importer, Michael Elkiar (Kim Bodnia), is having marriage problems. When his eighteen year old son, Marcus, leaves for university, his wife Tonia (Alwein Tulner) questions whether to stay in the relationship.

Struggling with a mid-life crisis, Elkiar’s feeling of worthlessness are magnified by a burgeoning social drug habit. When faced with losing everything he cherishes, he reluctantly agrees to retire from ‘the business’ to save his marriage. But getting out of the business is easier said than done, especially when you’re the boss.

Dope-dealing outlaws, Lez & Billy (Conor Woodman & Spek), are the endearingly vulnerable, lovable rogues who embark on a psychedelic adventure that sees their lives spiral dangerously out of control, as they are consumed by the dog-eat-dog world of international cocaine smuggling.

In a fast-moving, exciting climax imbued with dramatic irony and the inevitability of consequence, the shades of grey between good and evil are positively enlightened by the transcendental nature of true friendship and romantic tragedy.

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