An RPT Super-Supercut of Biden's Lies

1 year ago

Some of the lies are repeated, but in different contexts. These are just lying mainly about his life, not policy. THE FEDERALIST has a good list of those ( But all-in-all – Biden out-lies any GOPer. Even George Santos (

✦ George Santos takes the cake, but why does Joe Biden get a pass for his lies? (NEW YORK POST:
✦ George Santos scandal brings renewed attention to Biden's fabrications (FOX:
✦ The Political Lies That Really Matter: From George Santos to Joe Biden, résumé padding is unacceptable. But it's all the lies about legislation we can't afford. (REASON:

Here are the videos (some articles) I used as well as a couple I almost used:

■ Biden Lies About Attending A Black Church (MR. PRODUCER:
✦ Members of black Delaware church don’t recall Biden being ‘raised’ there (NEW YORK POST:
■ Joe Rogan on Biden’s Lying/Plagiarizing Problem (REDPILL USA PATRIOTS:
■ LYIN' JOE: 20 Times Joe Biden LIED About Being a Civil Rights Activist. (HANNITY:
■ Biden Lies Straight to Our Faces and the Media Refuses to Call Him On It (BONGINO REPORT:
■ Biden lies he's been to "Afghanistan and Iraq and those areas" twice as president. (NEWS JUNKIE'S CARTOONS:
■ Forget the Gaffes, What About Biden's Lies? (THE INTERCEPT:
■ Krystal and Saagar: Hilarious vintage footage reveals repeated Biden lies (THE HILL:
■ Krystal Ball debunks Biden's parade of lies (THE HILL:
■ The 'lies' are starting to 'catch up' with Joe Biden (SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA:
■ 47 years of Joe Biden’s lies… (DONALD TRUMP:

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